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South Africa could face a shortage of red meat due to Eastern Cape drought

Due to the severe drought that is devastating the Eastern Cape, South Africa could face a severe shortage of red meat.

The Eastern Cape department of rural development has released R74 million in drought relief funding.

Speaking to Joanne Joseph, Agri Eastern Cape president Doug Stern says the province carries the third of the countries livestock numbers in cattle, sheep and goats.

According to the provincial government's statistics, about 30% of our animals are in poor condition, facing death and very low in condition. — Doug Stern, President - Agri Eastern Cape
We have over 3-million cattle, which means over 1-million are facing death. Sheep we have six-and-a half-million of the country's population and of them, nearly 2-million are facing death. — Doug Stern, President - Agri Eastern Cape
By these figures, it is significant that we are not going to be in any form of production in the next two years if the animals survive. — Doug Stern, President - Agri Eastern Cape

Stern says the recent rains did not put a dent on the drought.

You are looking at a minimum of two years before you can expect any sort of recovery of animals. — Doug Stern, President - Agri Eastern Cape
We've got to hold back our animals to rebuild our herd and there is going to be an immediate shortage. — Doug Stern, President - Agri Eastern Cape

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