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Coronavirus Cape Town

At Thymekitchen we take the coronavirus threats very serious and we have implemented strict measurements to ensure we adhere to proper sanitation in all aspects of our business, from kitchen to stock receiving to staff hygiene.

As per South African implemented law we are prohibited to cater for any gatherings or functions of more than 100 people.

Steps We Have Implemented.

Sanitising station is set up at our entrance which consists of a water basin with anti bacterial hand soap, Hand sanitizer gel, disposable cloths, surgical gloves & face masks.

1. Every staff member entering our premises wash and sanitize their hands, put on a pair of gloves and a mask before entering our premises.

2. Every Supplier delivering goods to our kitchen has to use the sanitizing station before unloading products from trucks.

3. Once goods has been offloaded it is wiped with anti bacterial cleaner before being unpacked to our storeroom, fridges or freezers.

4. Our working areas in the kitchen are sanitized every half hour.

5. Our Catering equipment are washed and sanitized outside of our kitchen (at a cleaning station created specifically for that purpose) before being brought in to our kitchen.

6. Our Delivery staff has sanitising gel in their vehicles at all times as well as gloves and masks which will be worn on arrival and setup of your buffet area.

Our suggestion to our clients having a function is to set up your own sanitising station at your venue entrance for your guests to use upon arrival. Guests to was their hands for minimum of 20 seconds and dry hands properly before applying the sanitizer gel. Ask your guests not to greet with hand shakes or hugs ets.

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